Takuma LOL Profoil 1300 Kit

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The Takuma LOL Profoil 1300 Kit is versatile and extremely maneuverable. The 1300cm2 is the smallest wing in the series giving excellent glide and maneuverability with extreme turning performance. Hence, the stabilizer differs from the LOL profoil 1600 and LOL profoil 1900 setups. It is the ultimate option for surf foiling. Its amazing in both waves and downwind foiling. Designed for speed, this foil is surprisingly stable. It’s greatest innovation is provided by the revolutionary winglets that allow the wings to be more efficient at creating more lift while minimising drag. This setup is the perfect choice for downwinding in conditions of strong wind or large swells.

 This Takuma LOL Profoil 1300 kit matches up with the Hyperlite Ute board to create the ultimate wakesurf foil.