Rusty Half n Half Underbite Wakesurfer 4'8

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The Rusty Half n Half Underbite Wakesurfer 4'8 is our fastest, loosest wakesurf board design yet. It has a curvy outline with a wide thumb tail. The tail is steep and very hard, giving it good, quick release off the lip with a slight vee off the tail for a smooth finish to turns. The rails are more thin up front, but still forgiving. The apex of the rocker is moved up to move the curve more forward, straighten the rear, and increase the planing of the board. Get on the UndeR.bite and you won’t want to get off!

**This board comes with Futures fins!**

This board is constructed in our new Half n Half technology.

Half n Half technology combines our new R.1 foam core and R.ealRail technology with traditional epoxy lamination to bring you a high quality, hand made, hybrid wakesurf. Not quite a soft top, and not quite a hardboard, Half n Half technology gives you the safety of a soft top while still benefiting from the bottom contours, hand-shaped rails, and fin boxes of a traditional high performance, hand-shaped board.

Half n Half wakesurfs feature our new R.ealGrip deck technology, so you can ditch the wax, and our R.ealRail safety rails are easier on you, and the boat.

All Half n Half boards are hand shaped at our factory in San Diego, CA.