Ronix Eight.3 Wakesurf Shaper Concave Suction Cup

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The Ronix Eight.3 Suction Cup Wakesurf Shaper is the hottest product to hit wakesurfing since we created the first wakesurfer. This device easily mounts to the lower/ back point of the starboard or port side of your boat hull. The Ronix Suction Cup Wakesurf Shaper is designed disrupt the water flow for a premier surf wake on either side. We have tested every aspect of wakesurfing, using waterski boats, crossover boats, older V-Drives, newer V-Drives. In addition to turning wakes into swells, the best part is you no longer have to weight your boat unevenly. Gone are the days of filling and draining your bags to the port or starboard side. With the built in handle, it's easy to move to either side of your boat and is best paired with a loaded Eight.3 Ballast System.

If your boat has a flat surface area in the perfect spot without any concave, convex shape or any exaggerated chimes to the hull, then our suction cup shaper is the ideal removable wake enhancing device. The suction cup shaper is easy to adjust and remount with 2 flips of a lever, no need for velcro. This device also has the most deflection area of any suction cup shaper currently available. Deflection area takes in consideration the degree of angle and the total size of the blade (in both cases more is better) for the cleanest wave with the most amount of mass.

Ronix Eight.3 Suction Cup Wakesurf Shaper Features:

  • It Floats! No needs for ropes or leashes to keep it from sinking

  • 15.5" - Length

  • 11” - Height

  • 7.5” - Depth

  • 138 Square Inches of Deflection Area

  • Comes With Custom Carrying Case