Ronix Eight.3 Plug And Play Pumps

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Ronix Eight.3 Plug And Play Pumps

Can’t justify the price tag of the fastest pump out there? We now offer a 1200GHP ballast system pump with the Ronix Eight.3 Plug and Play Pumps. Don't waste your entire day on the water filling water in and out of ballast bags, these pumps are quick, easy and effortless.


  • 1200GPH Pump.

  • 12V DC / 5AMP Fuse Power Source.

  • 15ft Long Power Cord.

  • 10ft long X 1” Dia. fill and drain hose.

  • Includes fill/drain adaptor that attaches to the top port of your Eight.3 PNP system.

  • Can only be used on Eight.3 Ballast Systems.