Ridge Gold Aluminum Wallet

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Ridge Gold Aluminum Wallet

The Ridge Gold Aluminum Wallet is a universal alternative to a bulky bi-fold and a limited minimalist wallet. The typical wallet is over-crowded with faded receipts and unnecessary cards, resembling something more like a suitcase rather than a wallet, also known as the Costanza Effect. The Ridge re-evaluates your everyday carry and gets rid of the bulk. Order your Ridge Gold Aluminum Wallet today!

  • Blocks RFID (wireless theft).

  • Holds 1-15 card without stretching out.

  • Replaceable Elastic and Screws.

  • 1 year warranty on the elastic, screws, and money clip.

The Money Clip has an integrated hinge and internal spring that easily hold various amounts of bills.

The Cash Strap is an extremely thin and versatile elastic, allowing you to carry cash, business cards, or RFID-enabled cards.

*Includes T5 Torx Driver and Instructions card.

Weight: 2 oz