Hyperlite Womens Indy Life Jacket

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Hyperlite Womens Indy Life Jacket

Welcome to the Hyperlite Vest line, whether you seek the full protection of a Coast Guard approved device or the flexibility of a comp vest our athletes have inspired a look and feel that's right for you. the entire array of Hyperlite USCGA vests include segmented foam panels and concealed straps for mobility and comfort. Our line of competition vests has expanded for 2017, introducing the all new Arsenal Vest and two new color ways in the JD Webb and the Franchise Vests. Buckle up this season in our most comfortable and stylish vests to date and above all else, wear your Hyperlite Vest! The Hyperlite Womens Indy Life Jacket is on point this year! Priced well and comfier than all get out, treat yourself with the new Indy Life Jacket from Hyperlite.

  • USCG Approved Type III Personal Flotation Device

  • 2 Concealed 1.5 in. Straps

  • Segmented Foam Panels

  • Superior Drain-Ability