Hyperlite Wakesurf Rope


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Hyperlite Wakesurf Rope

Don't waste your gas stopping and turning around to pick up riders due to a junky handle. If you want to ride like a pro and surf endless waves all day you'll need the Hyperlite Wakesurf Rope. Comfy in the hands and perfect in length, the Hyperlite Surf Rope w/ Handle will never let you down. This Surf Rope has a 10" handle that's paired with 4 foam grips spaced 2 feet apart to cut down on calluses and get you closer to that sweet spot behind your boat.

ASSORTED Colors: Yellow, Green, Blue, Red


  • 10" Handle

  • Thick Braided Rope

  • 4 Foam Floats in 2' Increments

  • 20' Total Length