Hyperlite - 2021 - Wingman Jr.

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Size: 3.9 Wingman

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Scott Bouchard has shaped a board that drives speed and creates lift for airs, all wrapped up in a compact size for maximum mobility. Meant to be ridden as a twin fin in the forward placements or as a quad fin with smaller fin sets. The fin placements mirror high performance surfboards, delivering great tracking and speed with explosive acceleration. "Go Big or Go Home" Butch says with respects to his latest creation. The compact outline is very manoeuvrable thanks to its hard wing rear outline and it has enough width and volume to provide a stable ride for beginners. The Wingman's deep single concave bottom with vented tail channel gives it tons of drive even when riding straight towards the boat. Grab the Wingman for driving into the air section and going huge.

Wingman Jr. Product Features

  • Handmade Epoxy Construction
  • True Surf Glass Lay-Up
  • FCS Fin Box
  • Dual Deck Reinforcement
  • Quad Fin Design
  • Deep single concave base with vented tail channel
  • Hard Wings Rear Outline
  • EPS Core with Stringer
  • FCS II Tooless Fin Boxes
  • Carbon Stringer
  • New for 2021