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HO Sports - Tube Caddie

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Size: Tube Caddie

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The HO Tube Caddie includes two 3in suction cups & snap hooks, a 1.5in nylon webbing, which extends to over 28in, and lightweight side release buckles. Tested at over 45mph, using only suction cups, it's a solid way to hold down across the lake, or if you just need extra space in your boat. The nylon webbing straps go through the tube handles, while the bungee suction cups stick down on the boat's gel-coat for a good connection. For even more security, place the plastic hooks into the cleats of the boat. NOT FOR USE WHEN TRAILORING BOAT FOR ROAD TRAVEL.

Tube Caddie Product Features

  • Two 3 inch suction cups & snap hooks
  • 1.5 Inch Nylon Webbing
  • Lightweight Side Release Buckles
  • Tested at Over 45mph, Using Only Suction Cups