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HO Sports - 2021 - Syndicate Hardshell Plate & Binding

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The Syndicate Hardshell Plate & Binding for the Syndicate Hardshell Boot System is a great addition for those looking to utilize the Syndicate Hardshell for dual events. Put a Hardshell Binding Plate on your trick ski and use the same boot from slalom to reduce travel gear! The top choice of tournament slalom skiers around the world for its reliable performance, this release mechanism employs an adjustable spring loaded heel unit that allows for tension release point modification in relation to skier weight and preference. For 2021, We’ve updated the Heel Release Mechanism with a Stainless Steel finish, making it longer lasting even in salt or brackish water. In addition, the new Stainless Steel Release Arms are more vertically angled to better keep the heel solidly connected to the plate. This also provides more room for the backfoot, for those who prefer a narrower stance or those with a taller back boot toe. Hardshell reliability is now paired with top of the line agility by employing our Full Contact Outsole. With added durability to the Full Contact Outsole due to its Injection Molded construction, this contoured heel and toe zone enables full contact between boot and plate thereby stabilizing the connection by reducing lateral slippage and increasing agility. We’ve added surface area and 50% more thickness to the Protective Coated Stainless Steel Toe Hoop, adding even more reliability to the system. It’s Universal G10 Plate keeps it light weight while working virtually all other ski manufacturer hole patterns.

Syndicate Hardshell Plate & Binding Product Features

  • NEW: Stainless Steel Release Mechanism
  • Protective Coated Stainless Steel Toe Hoop
  • Adjustable Release Unit
  • Injection Molded Full Contact Outsole
  • Universal G10 Plate
  • Updated for 2021