Fliteboard Carbon Classic Ash


Unfortunately we cannot and will not sell this product directly online! This listing is to show what we currently have in stock and available. We're happy to ship a Fliteboard, but it requires a little bit more information and required documentation from the customer before we can make that happen (most states require some sort of documentation for each and every e-foil)! Our listed retail pricing DOES include the shipping cost associated with shipping an entire Fliteboard package. For more information please call 573-348-2100 or email mo@bigthundermarine.com. If you try to purchase this item online, we'll cancel and refund the order! We're proud to note that we're an authorized Fliteboard retailer, service center and Fliteschool!

Fliteboard Carbon Classic Ash with Silver 29.5" Mast

The best all-around Fliteboard for any level of experience and riding style. Short enough for performance with enough volume and stability to support riders in the beginned stages of Fliteboarding.

Board Length: 5'8
Maximum rider: 265lb
Weight: 42.3lb + Flitecell
Volume (buoyancy): 100L

Propulsion - This Package comes with a Propeller and Prop Guard:

The most powerful and efficient propulsion system. Remove the prop guard for enhanced performance.

More Freedom - Series 3 Mast:

With this series 3 Fliteboard mast enjoy the freedom of both Jet and Prop propulsion. This series 3 Fliteboard mast has the capability of Fliteboard's Dual Drive system which allows you to change between the Jet and Prop modules in seconds. THIS MODEL COMES WITH THE PROP AND GUARD ONLY! THE JET MODULE CAN BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY.

This package comes with the Fliteboard Flitecell Sport:

This is our standard option battery for sports enthusiasts wanting an agile, fast ride. Enjoy approximately 90 minutes of ride time with the Fliteboard Flitecell Sport Battery.

This package comes with the Fliteboard Rapid Charger:

Nobody wants to wait a lifetime for a battery charge. That's why we package all of our Fliteboards with the Fliteboard Rapid Charger. Fully charge any of your Fliteboard batteries in two hours or less with the 110v (Standard U.S. wall outlet) Fliteboard Rapid Charger.

This package comes with the Fliteboard Cruiser 1100 wing set:

The Cruiser 1100 wing set is a spectacular wing set for the entire family. This Fliteboard wing set us very stable and responsive, allowing you to quickly and comfortably take Flite.

What's Included?

  • Fliteboard
  • Padded Fliteboard Travel Board Bag
  • Complete Silver 29.5in Series 3 Fliteboard Mast
  • Mast Travel Case/Bag
  • Tool Kit
  • Fliteboard Flitecell Sport Battery
  • Padded Battery Travel Case
  • Rapid Charger
  • Padded Rapid Charger Travel Case
  • Cruiser 1100 Wing set - Front and Tail wing
  • Cruiser 1100 Wing Set travel sleeves
  • Fliteboard Remote
  • Spare Prop & Prop Guard
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty - Free