2021 Radar Carbitex Vapor Boot

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The 2021 Radar Carbitex Vapor Boot is the pinnacle of modern waterski footwear. Our Vapor boot ensures you have your ski’s attention. Carbitex is a textile carbon fiber that allows the boot to wrap around your foot, giving you an instant connection to the edge of your ski. However, the Carbitex keeps the boot from stretching out over time giving you a consistent feel. The Boa dial allows the lower portion of your boot to maintain a snug fit that in turn offers you more response. The final piece is the Intuition liner that is heat moldable to give you a custom fit only found in the Radar line.

These boots come with fully adjustable aluminum mounting plates. Front and rear plates can also be swapped/interchanged to make a boot a front or rear boot depending on what is needed.
  • BOA Lacing System
  • Carbitex CX6
  • Dual Density Intuition Liner
  • Molded 3D Tongue
  • Full Length Injected Orthotic Insole
  • Pro-Fit Chassis