2019 Hyperlite Womens Ambition Life Jacket

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The Hyperlite Ambition women's CGA life jacket meets CGA vest regulations and will exceed your wildest expectations when it comes to fit, comfort, and fashion.
A fun graphic and impressive comfort makes this vest a great addition to any boat. Designed and built with Hyperlite's True Flex Technology, the Hyperlite Ambition Women's CGA Life Jacket is incredibly flexible and moves as you do. The foam inside the vest is segmented into several different panels to create several key flex points for maximum flexibility. The neoprene material is smooth, soft, and drains water well to keep it lightweight once you are out of the water. The two concealed straps make it easy to adjust the fit to your body type.
True Flex Technology
Segmented Foam Panels
Two Concealed 1.5 Inch Straps
Superior Drain-Ability
USCG Approved Type III PFD