2019 HO xMax Direct Connect Slalom Ski Boot

$135.00 $189.99
SKU: 94000020

The 2019 HO xMax Direct Connect Slalom Ski Boot is the ultimate cross-over boot just got better with a more tongue float to pair with its soft Marshmallow foam liner for the best out-of-the-box fit in the business. Dual lace zones with a low drag bungee upper and static lace in the lower lace zone that locks down the skiers foot for precision control. Next, the removable footbed anchoring system makes mounting quick and simple while the Direct Connect Mounting System offers unmatched natural edge angle, a short flex footprint and micro adjustment. All combined, the xMAX offers a very comfortable fit with performance perfect for crossover waterskiers that shred everywhere and anywhere.

xMax Boot Features:

  • More tongue float - for an even better fit

  • Marshmallow foam liner - for incredible comfort

  • Hightop for maximum support and control

  • Dual lace zones - Low drag bungee upper, static lower for precision control

  • Removable footbed anchoring system - for easier mounting

  • Direct connect mounting system - Direct Connect positions boot mounting hardware directly beneath the foot's natural balance and mobility centers: the heel and ball of the foot. This eliminates the traditional mounting plate, greatly reducing boot weight, boot drag, and the boot's impact on ski flex. The result is a natural skier-to-ski moment-of-inertia never experienced before on the water. Direct Connect allows the entire HO Skis Boot Collection to redefine what can be expected from a water ski boot.