2018 Radar Vector LTD Rear Feather Frame Ski Boot

SKU: 181217

The 2018 Radar Vector LTD with BOA closure is one of the lightest and responsive ski boots on the market. Rear position.


2018 Radar Vector BOA LTD Rear Feather Frame Boot - Description

The 2018 Radar Vector LTD Rear Feather Frame Ski Boot is one of the best fitting ski boots Radar has ever created. The 2018 Vector LTD has been upgraded to include the new IP1 microadjustable BOA closure system, allowing you to dial your perfect fit before every ride. You can micro adjust the fit with a single click forward or back to cinch that fit just like you likt it.

Radar also slimmed down the outer skin and upgraded the Wrap Tech connection from the Feather Frame Chassis to the top of the boot for the ultimate in ski boot responsiveness.

Radar's Feather Frame chassis integrates the mounting system, base plate, and outer shell into a single component. This assembly eliminates unnecessary hardware, making the Vector the lightest ski boot on the market. You can set, and stay, on edge easier that ever with the Feather Frame.

A 3D molded tongue shape, double lacing closure and PVC-free construction result in a custom fitting ski boot that will take your skiing to the next level.

Pick up the 2018 Radar Vector LTD Rear Feather Frame Ski Boot today and you will be ripping those sharp turns like a professional skier.

2018 Radar Vector LTD BOA Boot Features

  • Rear position

  • IP1 micro-adjustable BOA lacing system

  • Wrap Tech Level 2

  • Feather frame chassis

  • Molded 3D tongue

  • Symmetrical fit

  • PVC free construction