2018 Radar Atlas Inside Out Water Ski Gloves

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The Atlas is Radar’s pure minimalist ski glove, providing a perfect fit for both professionals and recreational skiers.


2018 Radar Atlas Inside Out Water Ski Gloves

The 2018 Radar Atlas Inside Out Water Ski Gloves minimalist, professional level, glove is exactly what you are looking for in a high end ski glove. Radar put the most stitching in the heel to correct any "over gripping", enabling the ski handle to slide smoothly in your palm. Inside-out construction and double thread gauge stitching ensure these gloves are both sturdy and durable. The double wrist strap locks the glove like nothing Radar has ever designed. Double wrist strap allows you to "dial-in" each glove for a true zero slip fit.

Pre-curved fingers and the Amara palm give you a firm grip on the bar while you're making those sharp turns and pulls. Neoprene stretches with your hand to provide flexibility.

Get a pair of Atlas gloves today and your hand will no longer be slipping on those one handed ski turns!

Radar Atlas Features

  • Double wrist strap

  • Inside out construction

  • Double thread gauge sewing

  • Neoprene stretch zone

  • Amara Palm

  • Pre-curved fingers

  • Double layered palm

  • Choose between XS - XXL