About Trevor Dowdney

Born way back in time, suffers inability to slow down, rode across America on a bicycle just to win a bet. Swam from the Moorings to the Dam for charity 20 miles non stop. Raced bikes (mountain & road), Raced triathlons, all distances to Ironman. Trail runner. Last 4 years I have been getting enjoying Paddleboarding, a sport that my kids love (9 & 13), all the way to me a living dinosaur. Two years running raced in the Race to the Dome 15.8 miles, completed a 35 in KS, and recently the Chattajack-31 miler in Chattanooga TN, for grins & giggles, paddled round Key West beginning of the year.

Why Paddle?
Mental and Physical, getting on a board on the lake or the river is a great way to work out and alleviate the daily stresses.