About Justin Teich

I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona.

Growing up, I was into snowboarding because the mountain was only 2 hours north in Flagstaff Arizona. I could buy a season pass and shred there all I wanted in the winter. Before I got into wakeboarding in the summer, I would rip dirt bikes and ATVs around with all my homies, just getting wrecked and creating ruckus around the neighborhood.

When I was around a junior in high school, my dad bought a boat, it wasn’t some dope wakeboard boat, it was a 1992 Sierra Supreme. At that time, I could drive, so me and all the homies would get out of school and head to the lake and started wakeboarding. We didn’t have fat sacks or anything, so we filled up coolers full of water to try and make the wake bigger. hahah

After getting out of high school and being into wakeboarding, I saw that the place to be was for sure Orlando, as far as park and rail riding. That winter, I saved whatever i could, sold my truck and moved out to Orlando, with $500 to my name and a crappy hooptie car that I’d bought for $600. When I got to Orlando, I got linked up with Step Up Productions and got invited to join in on helping build a rail jam with them. I did, and from that moment on, I’m still with Step Up Productions, now helping run the show. Shout out to Ryan Davis for the love and help.

Now I ride for Ronix wakeboards out at Lake Ronix, with the whole crew and help build new features and keep it different. I want to thank Tim P, Erik Ruck, and the rest of the Ronix homies for letting me be apart of the journey and fun.

Cheers, Justin Teich

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