2023 Hyperlite Commander 1300 Foil Assembly Wakefoil

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Color: Black

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The Commander 1300 is an all-ability level Foil Assembly built with a mix of carbon and aluminum parts. The front wing is prepreg carbon fiber with a polyurethane core measuring at 1300cm2 and the rear wing lands at 270cm2. The fuselage and mast are constructed with high quality 60/61T Aluminum, fuselage is 62cm in length and the mast has a depth of 28”. The Commander 1300 utilizes M6 hardware throughout and will pair with any foil board on the market today.


  • 1300 cm2 Front Carbon Front Wing
  • 28” Aluminum Mast
  • Aluminum 62cm Fuselage
  • Injected Tail Wing / Stabilizer 270cm2
  • M6 Fasteners