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HO Sports - 2021 - Women's Fusion Freeride

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This 3rd generation Freeride, the Freeride Fusion, allows for smooth carving and unrestricted creativity in chop. We've infused properties from high performance crossover skis into the best-selling Freeride ski program. It's clean edge tail and low drag designs specifically enhances the ski experience on variable speeds and water conditions. Ski behind virtually any watercraft with ease while ripping off fluid turns big or small. The wide platform makes it super stable and easy to progress on without sacrificing those smooth as butter edge to edge transitions. For 2021, we've included the new Asher Balance fin and Switchblade Fin System. Shaped by top pro Will Asher, the Balance Fin features a reduced fin length for quick turn rotation combined with a new distribution of surface area for great cross course direction. The Switchblade system takes the guesswork out of fin settings, no calipers needed! Just swap in a new blade shape and you're ready to experience new performance characteristics from your ski.

Women's Fusion Freeride Product Features

  • Freeride Width
  • Women's Specific Flex
  • Spoon Tip
  • Hybrid Edge Design
  • Low Drag Design
  • Asher Balance Fin
  • Switchblade Fin System
  • Direct Connect or Traditional Boot compatible
  • Updated for 2021