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HO Sports - 2021 - Animal Front

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Size: Animal Boot 4/5

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For 2019, we've given the best-selling waterski boot of all time, the Animal, upgrades to improve on it's performance and functionality. The Animal boot now features a 100% natural rubber overlay, molded to the original Animal Overlay shape. This results in a snugger, more comfortable fit than ever before. The Front Animal boots is designed with a THICK rubber overlay for increased front boot control, while the Rear Animal Boot is designed with THIN rubber overlay for less back boot control to compliment front hardshell boots. Now with a softer durometer, heat moldable EVA tongue and heel, you'll have the rubber boot feel you want with far less overall weight. In addition, the new soften, thinner, brushed EVA footbed increases comfort and is designed to equalize skiers' front and rear foot height when using hardshell boots.

Animal Front Product Features

  • 100% Natural Rubber Overlay
  • Thick Front rubber overlay, Thin Rear rubber overlay
  • NEW Softer Durometer, Heat Moldable EVA Tongue and Heel
  • NEW Softer, Thinner, Brushed EVA Footbed
  • Traditional high performance design
  • Rebuildable long lasting design