2019 Ronix Koal Crossover Technora Wakesurfer

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2019 Ronix Koal Crossover Technora Wakesurfer

The 2019 Ronix Koal Crossover Technora Wakesurfer is the newest surf shape to be spawned from the ever imaginative mind of shaper Jason Standley. The Crossover is undoubtedly the next big thing from Ronix. A fun, playful surf style shape that delivers a fine blend of everything you could want in your next wakesurf board.

You will be in awe after riding this board. At first glance it looks like a laid-back cruiser style shape. It does that really well. A pure surfy feel that nicely links together smooth, predictable turns. You can even throw some toes on the nose if you are feeling it. What is most impressive and least expecting is its quick, nimble agility in the water. The Crossover can turn on a dime and spray buckets of water like any modern high-performance surf shape.


  • EVA Back Traction Pad

  • All-New Silicone Front Traction Pad

  • Exclusive Fin-S 2 System

  • Two 3.5" Injected Fiberglass Epoxy Asymmetrical Outside Fins

  • One 3" Injected Fiberglass Epoxy Symmetrical Center Fin

  • Liquid Lava High Temp Surf Resin