2018 Radar Vector Rear Aluminum Plate Boot

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2018 Radar Vector Rear Aluminum Plate Boot

The 2018 Radar Rear Rear Aluminum Plate Boot, having been fully updated last year by Radar, is chocked full of awesome features. The Vector gives you a tight wrap around your foot and a perfect connection to your ski time after time, season after season.

Reactive wrap, level 1 technology is a structural skeleton layered onto the base of the boot that directs the direction and magnitude of energy (aka a ‘Vector’) that is driven into the ski from your lower appendages and improve the boot’s fit and maneuverability.

A 3D molded tongue shape, double lacing closure and PVC-free construction result in a custom fitting ski boot that will take your skiing to the next level.

Pick up the 2018 Radar Vector Rear Aluminum Plate Boot today and you will be treating your feet well.

Unlike the feather frame vector boot, the aluminum plated vector boot allows you mount this boot on different brands of skis.