2018 Radar Adjustable Rear Toe LTD - Feather Frame - Water Ski Binding - Black/Yellow

SKU: 181600

Radar built this rear toe plate ski binding to not only fit any size foot, but make sure you have the ultimate in support and high-end performance. Top side laces give you “set it and forget it” ease of use.


2018 Radar BOA Adjustable Rear Toe Plate (ARTP) Water Ski Binding - Product Description

Built for any size foot, the 2018 Radar Adjustable Rear Toe LTD is Radar's most adjustable rear toe ski boot with the perfect combination of freedom, comfort, support and high-end performance. The BOA lacing system allows you to easily make micro adjustments in either direction for a super custom fit - whether your gloves are on or off.

The contoured footbed gives you both support and solid traction while the feather frame chassis, floating tongue and micro-adjustable Boa lacing ensure your foot has perfect closure every time. Go ahead, take your skiing to the next level with the 2018 Radar ARTP BOA bindings.

2018 Radar Adjustable Rear Toe LTD Features

  • Adjustable rear toe plate ski binding

  • Micro-Adjustable Boa lacing system

  • One size fits all

  • Independent floating tongue

  • Contoured footbed delivers both traction and support

  • PVC free construction