2017 Ronix Kinetik Project Flex Box 2 Wakeboard

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2017 Ronix Kinetik Project Flex Box 2 Wakeboard

On any given day there could be up to a dozen pro riders riding at our cable labratory – Lake Ronix. Thru these 100’s of hours of testing it really became clear to our engineers that in the ever-changing cable world that there are 2 high end styles. The 2nd one features the exact same construction, profile, and rocker, but has totally different pressure points. The 2017 Ronix Kinetik Project Flex Box 2 Wakeboard is the exact opposite – with a stiffer belly and the softest tip/tail available. A more rigid mid section was designed so a rider can rock into a press – then once locked in – a softer end tip/tail section creates more ability to move side to side or just exaggerate the angle of a press. Designed and ridden by the world’s best park rider – Dominik Hernler.



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