2017 Ronix Kinetik Project Flex Box 1 Wakeboard

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2017 Ronix Kinetik Project Flex Box 1 Wakeboard

A board that has a continuous flex from tip to tail and rail to rail. The 2017 Ronix Kinetik Project Flex Box 1 Wakeboard is a cable kingpin delivering the ultimate in board feel and top water speed. Offering greater durability and reduced friction on the water with our signature Speedwalls. We took our best-selling series from last year and replaced the foam with wood – but most importantly we added Flexbox. We realized that there are 2 styles of high end park riders which is why we created Flexbox 1 and Flexbox 2, each with distinct pressure points on features and leaving the water. Flexbox 1 is created for riders that like a softer mid section allowing the center of the board to really bend into a press. Once in a press, the slightly stiffer tip/tail allows the rider to really pivot off the feature. Thru our testing we have also found that this model has more of a solid snap off of kickers, and works better for air tricks because a rider needs added support when they flick off the end of the board.



•Flexbox 1
•G&R Technology
•Dominik Hernler Pro Model

SIZE (cm) AREA (Sq In.) HEIGHT (Inches) ROCKER STANCE (6 in Board /Plate) CENTER (Inches) WEIGHT RANGE (lbs.)
138 814 2.7 CONTINUOUS 23-27 16.9 Up to 175 Lbs.
144 846 2.8 CONTINUOUS 24-28 17.1 145 Lbs and up.