2016 Ronix Quarter Til Midnight Wakeboard

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2016 Ronix Quarter Til Midnight Wakeboard

Touch the sky or ride the rail with the 2016 Ronix Quarter Til Midnight Wakeboard, our best selling wake/park crossover women’s boards. Want a smooth, fast glide on the water and a predictable snap off the wake? The always consistent take off of the Quarter ‘til Midnight, with a longer flight in the air, and added pressure points on rails has made it popular with first time shredders all the way up to our pro team. It’s time to see how far wakeboards have evolved with this new shape featuring speedwalls.



  • Continuous Rocker.

  • Secret Flex.

  • Speedwalls.

  • G&R Technology.

  • 4 Alloy 1.0” Ramp Fins & .6” Fiberglass Free Agent Fins.

  • Julia Rick Pro Model.