4’8″ Custom Rusty Snaggle Tooth Wake Surfer Yellow-Green

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Custom Rusty Snaggle Tooth Wake Surfer Yellow-Green

The Snaggle Tooth EPS Wakesurfer by Clint Preisendorfer

The Rusty Snaggle Tooth EPS Wakesurfer is high performance wake-surfboard. This model comes stock with a thumbtail, and the bottom contour has deep double concave, for maximum lift and maneuverability. The unique bat-nose shortens the board’s rail line and prevents pearling (Nose-Diving).

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam has lighter, less dense core. Most recognizable as the small white beads disposable coolers are made of, this lighter core compensates for the generous amount of fiberglass, carbon and Kevlar used in lamination. Polyurethane foam has been used for traditional surfboard cores since the 1950’s. It is heavier than EPS, but stronger and resists water intrusion when dinged. If a board is dinged severely enough to expose either the PU or EPS foam core, DO NOT place in water until you let the core dry for 3-5 days, in <95 degree temperature and the ding is fixed properly.

Additional information

Ability Level

Advanced – Expert





Surfboard Style


Surfboard Size Range

4'2" – 4'6"


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