4’2″ Custom Rusty Snaggle Tooth Wakesurfer

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4’2″ Custom Rusty Snaggle Tooth Wakesurfer

The Snaggle Tooth by Clint Preisendorfer

The 4’2″ Custom Rusty Snaggle Tooth Wakesurfer is a high performance wakesurfboard. This model comes stock with a thumbtail, and the bottom contour has deep double concave for maximum lift and maneuverability. The unique bat-nose shortens the board’s rail line and prevents pearling (Nose-Diving) so you can enjoy your ride from the top of the board and not in the water. This board is also made with high quality PU foam (polyurethane based foam). Not to mention these boards have quickly become a shop favorite and seem to be quite the multi use wake surfer.

This Board is 4’2″

Tail Pads and deck pads must be purchased separately.

Additional information

Ability Level

Advanced – Expert





Surfboard Style


Surfboard Size Range

4'2" – 4'6"


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