2019 Radar Senate Lithium Slalom Ski

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2019 Radar Senate Lithium Slalom Ski

The 2019 Radar Senate Lithium Slalom Ski is the best Senate we have ever created. The Senate is designed to follow the shape of our most recent Vapor; the senate lithium is a level riding, symmetrical turning, balanced, dream machine of a ski. The Senate Lithium is known for its ability to carry speed. This ski gives a sense of freedom sought after by those that ski in the course as well as those ripping open water turns. By taking the Vapor shape and adding two tenths of an inch, we created 
a very stable skiing platform. This platform creates the balance needed for a skier to feel extremely comfortable while the profile of the ski allows the skier to feel the speed and angle they’re looking for.

  • PVC Core – Tested and proven response.
  • Spread Tow Carbon – Lighter, stronger composites.
  • CorFlex – Optimizing the flex in your ski’s turning.
  • NFC Enabled – Information delivered simply.

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Ski Size

69 in.


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