2019 HO Syndicate Pro Slalom Ski


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The 2020 Syndicate PRO was built for one purpose; To achieve the most angle and hold possible at incredible speeds and the shortest line lengths for the world’s top pro skiers. Will Asher, Jon Travers & Nick Adams need a ski that decelerates quickly, turns on a dime and holds the incredible load they generate at 36mph, 41′ off as they slingshot into the next buoy.

The Design Of The 2020 HO Syndicate PRO Water Ski
The Syndicate PRO’s narrow width profile with aggressive tail taper turns and rolls on edge easily to generate massive amounts of angle. It’s large bevel size in tail results in increased hold at the finish of the turn. This means high angle turns with less blowouts.

The Engineering Of The 2020 HO Syndicate PRO Water Ski
A deep concave helps control speed by allowing quicker deceleration for tight turns with a tight rope. The PRO’s Pre-Flexed Continuous Rockerline allows the skier to turn predictably no matter where they stand on the ski meaning you need’t be perfectly balanced to get the 2020 Syndicate PRO to turn well.

Lastly, by giving the PRO a Torsionally Stiff Flex Pattern, it holds its shape in high load situations for great acceleration at the finish of the turn.

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63", 65", 66", 67", 68"


Ski Length Range

62"-65", 66"-69"