2018 Ronix Darkside Wakeboard




2018 Ronix Darkside Wakeboard

Rocker Type

The 2018 Ronix Darkside Wakeboard has a 3-Stage Rocker – An exaggerated rocker line with a later arc and a higher degree provide a more straight up, explosive pop. This style of rocker creates more of an instant explosive buck off the wake (combine that with Ronix’s I-Beam core to experience everything a wake has to offer), for riders that go behind a big boat wake. Wakeboarders riding behind smaller wakes will still feel like they are getting a solid kick as well.


Energy Rating – 2 / 10 (1 Stored Energy – 10 Instant Energy)


Speedwalls – Vertical poured urethane creates more top water speed and a durable bumper from those floating menaces at a cable park.


Intelligent 2 Core – The next generation in wood core boat boards.

Mod Pour – An ultra stiff, lightweight, super saucy core — this demanding alternative foam is made from Ronix’s exclusive blend of atoms. The highest strength to weight ratio Ronix has ever tested — setting the standard of the most refined recipe of foam out there.


Monocoque – A wrapped glass from the bottom to the top so the flash line is no longer the weak point of the board — and is now the strongest. A more durable construction and a torsionally stiffer ride.

Magic Carpet – Ronix is always sourcing new fiberglass materials trying to find that perfect weave that allows just enough resin to bleed through and adhere to their Magic Carpet.

I-Beam – A second piece of glass wraps through the core creating additional strength unlike any other core Ronix has made, while retaining the dampening qualities of fiberglass. The result is the snappiest construction Ronix has ever made, but with softer landings. The holeshot response of carbon — the feel of fiberglass.


Low Friction Base – Developed for the most glide speed in high-end boat boards.


4 Fiberglass 1.0″ Ramp Fins & 0.8″ Fiberglass Free Agent Fins

Additional Features

M6 Inserts – The Euros have it figured out. A higher thread count means more hold on a shallower depth. So now we can go to thinner profiled boards with a shorter insert without sacrificing boot lock down. The result is boards with more feel and contact on the water.

Additional information

Ability Level

Advanced – Expert

Wakeboard Size

, ,



Wakeboard Size Range

136 – 140 cm, 141 – 145 cm

Riding Style


Rocker Type