Lessons from Wake Effects Pros

Lessons from Wake Effects provides many ways for students to participate. Lessons can be done on the fully equipped boat that we provide, on your personal boat, or by renting a wakeboarding boat from Iguana Watersports.
Kirby’s School of Wake is the ultimate water sports experience at the Lake of the Ozarks, providing a fun, safe and professional learning experience for riders of all levels. Enjoy one-on-one lessons, camps or group-clinics with Kirby Liesmann, Pro Wake boarder and coach.

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Types of Lessons

Lesson at Wake Effects

This is the most effective way to push your riding. Our boats are top of the line Mastercraft boats provided by Wake Effects.  These boats create a safe atmosphere for learning at all skill levels. These are 30-minute sessions using the boat and all equipment is provided other than your swimsuit.

$125 for the first lesson and $75 for all lessons after the first

Call to Book: 800-346-2215

Private Lessons on Your Boat

For private lessons, a coach will come out on your personal boat and coach and give a demonstration of pro level tricks and the tricks the students are learning.

$100 for the first lesson and $50 for all lessons after the first

Travel = $2 a mile from Wake Effects

Call to Book: 800-346-2215

Day Camps at Wake Effects

This is a full day of fun at Kirby’s School of Wake.
Day camp includes four 30-minute sessions, video review, and trampoline training.

$400 for a full day

Call to Book: 800-346-2215

Ability Levels

Once students have accomplished the tricks in their level, they now qualify to apply for graduation to the next level of the Kirby’s School of Wake Achievement Program. To apply for graduation simply go to the Kirby’s School of Wake Store and purchase your diploma. Your diploma will be signed by Kirby and mailed along with the next Kirby’s School of Wake Sticker. The stickers are placed on the student’s board to keep track of their achievements. Students may also purchase their initial achievement sticker or any replacement stickers in the store as well. Let’s get started! Will you accept the challenge?


  • Get Up
  • Ride Switch
  • Surface 180
  • Get Air


  • Wake to Wake Jumps
  • Four 180’s
  • All Grabs
  • A flip or 360 Spin


  • Five Spins 360 and Up
  • Five Flips
  • Two Raily Base Airs
  • One Mobe Flip


  • Five Spins 720 and Up
  • Five Mobe 540s
  • Two Double Flips
  • Mobe 720 or 1080 Spin