Armstrong 1550V1 A+ Foil Kit

SKU: 1550FKV1A

The new A+System has been developed by Armie at Armstrong Foils to handle the new generation of mid to high aspect foil wings, which produce high torsional leverage forces.

This further improves product longevity and flex characteristics. The new A+SYSTEM is designed with custom titanium barrel nuts.

The new system locks the mast and wings to the A+System TC Fuselage while maintaining our unique flex characteristics. The flex you can feel in the system comes from the carbon/titanium fuselage itself and our tapered Reactive Flex Mast construction, which is at the heart of the smooth flowing Armstrong feeling.

The Polycarbonate Pro Shims also allow riders to take full advantage of our cutting edge “Forward Geometry” boards. Our boards’ mast tracks are positioned well forward compared to other brands. This means a reduction in swing weight up front for faster response and better snappy handling. By applying the Polycarbonate Pro Shims, you can find that perfect balance under foot even with the mast at the front of the tracks.

The A+System TC Fuselage and wings are fully compatible with all existing HS and CF parts (wings, masts and tail wings). *We have devised a simple but very effective A+System upgrade drilling kit. All current front wings and masts can be retro drilled so riders can take full advantage of the new system upgrades with just the purchase of the new fuselage.

This foil kit is perfect foil kit to start on! This foil kit allows for agility but provides great stability as you get more comfortable with surf foiling. This foil kit pairs well with all 3 sizes of the Armstrong Wing Surf Foil Boards. This package comes with a fully padded bag and all items that you need get started!