Hyperlite Mens Indy Big Tall Neo CGA Life Jacket

It seems odd to write a post about a single life jacket style when there are hundreds of styles out on the market. The 2018 Hyperlite Big & Tall Life Jacket is well worth the write up. If you’re not a “Big & Tall” person you wouldn’t understand, but traditional jackets when ranging from extra small to 4XL don’t change much in terms of length from the top of the shoulder to where the bottom of the jacket comes down to. The biggest change between jackets is obviously the chest size. The biggest issue this creates for the Big & Tall boater or water sports enthusiast is the simple fact that the jacket doesn’t come down far enough and often times looks like a belly shirt. What makes the 2018 Hyperlite Big  & Tall Life Jacket different is that the profile or cut of the jacket is 2 inches longer than a traditional jacket making the over fit and feel of this jacket ten times more comfortable than a standard 2xl, 3xl or 4xl jacket. If you’ve never been able to get that perfect fit and feel in a life jacket, look no further than the Hyperlite Big & Tall Coast Guard Approved Life Jacket.

Hyperlite Big & Tall Life Jacket Size Chart:

  • 2XL: 48in-52in Chest
  • 3XL: 52in-56in Chest
  • 4XL: 56in – 60in Chest
  • 2 Concealed 1.5in Straps
  • USCG Approved Type III Personal Flotation Device
  • Superior Drain-Ability
  • Segmented Foam Panels

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2018 Hyperlite Indy Big Tall Life Jacket


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