2017 Wake Effects Wakesurfer Pre-Season Top Picks

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2017 Wake Effects Wakesurfer Pre-Season Top Picks

As we’ve rounded the corner on the new year, it’s time to start looking at new gear for the up and coming summer season. We had a chance to ride some new 2017 boards in the late fall, sharpened up on our board knowlege and we’ve hand selected five of our favorite in stock 2017 wakesurfers. If you’re thinking about your first wakesurfer or an upgrade, check out what our staff has come up with in the 2017 Wake Effects Wakesurfer Pre-Season Top Picks. Keep in mind that all the boards listed have been water tested by our staff on all different kinds of boats. We’ve used boats that range between your top of the line MasterCraft x23 all the way down to older model inboards that utilize the Ronix Wake Surf Shaper and/or ballast bags from Fly High FatSac and Ronix Eight.3.

Pick One: 2017 Hyperlite Quad

2017 Hyperlite Quad WakesurfWe didn’t get much of a chance to “test drive” the Hyperlite Quad prior to 2016, but we gave the 2017 model quite a bit of water time in the late fall. First off, this board comes with Hyperlite’s new DuraShell technology. A better term for DuraShell might as well be “bombproof”. With DuraShell you get a one year manufacturers warranty which is pretty unheard of with higher end wake surfers these days.  This board is far lighter than a compression molded board but offers virtually the same durability so there is no real worries about kicking it into the back of the platform, clamping it in board racks or dropping it on the dock trying to carry 50 other things in one trip. This board is thick in terms of foam volume and rides FAST. The Hyperlite Quad comes standard with two high end Future Fin style fiberglass fins and 2 smaller plastic fins. If you’re looking for ultra responsive ride, rock this thing with all 4 fins. Our favorite way to ride this board is with the longer fiberglass fins in the outer fin boxes. It’ll dig in a turn hard but it has high, rolled side walls that are very forgiving if you try to do too much. If you’re looking for a buoyant, fast ride that turns hard and will stay in any wake, we highly recommend the 2017 Hyperlite Quad.

2017 Hyperlite Quad Wakesurf


Pick Two:  Rusty Snaggle Tooth Wakesurfer

Custom Rusty Snaggle Tooth Wake Surfer Red-White

Straight out of Cali, the Rusty Snaggle Tooth is a hard charging, five Future Fin set up that any well seasoned wakesurfer could have a solid outing on. This board is extremely predictable. Clint at Rusty Surf Boards has spent hours fine tuning a wakesurfer that has a lot of drive, push and surface area that adds up to be a great trick oriented board. The Rusty Snaggle Tooth is perfect for airs and spins. The best thing about the Rusty Wake Surfers is that they are 100% custom. Each and every board is a one of a kind. Not to mention you get to choose your traction pads, colors, layouts, etc.

4’8″ Custom Rusty Snaggle Tooth Wake Surfer Yellow-Green


Pick Three & Pick Four: 2017 Byerly Buzz & 2017 Hyperlite Shim

2017 Byerly Buzz Wakesurf2017 Hyperlite Shim Wakesurf

The 2017 Byerly Buzz and the 2017 Hyperlite Shim are true hybrid wakesurfers that bridge the gap between a skim style board and a surf style board. They are both one of the best bangs for the buck on the market today. If you’re looking for a board that will work for everyone in the family, look no further. Why are these boards best for the whole family? Both boards utilize Hyperlite’s DuraShell construction (bombproof epoxy like material for an outer shell) and they come with a one year manufacturers warranty to start because who know’s what your twice removed cousin of a cousin will do behind the boat.  The real kicker with both of these boards is that you can either ride them with small “nub” fins that give a loose, squirly  ride like a skimmer or add some larger fins that make it ride and respond like a “surf style” wake surfer. It’s perfect for any rider that likes to switch their riding style by the day but doesn’t want to waste the gas money on buying multiple boards. This board has tons of surface area that makes it easy for anyone of any age to stay in the “pocket” of the wake.

2017 Hyperlite Shim Wakesurf

2017 Byerly Buzz Wakesurf

Pick Five:  2017 Byerly Speedster

2017 Byerly Speedster WakesurfThe 2017 Byerly Speedster is an all new shape for 2017. It is a total montage of any board shape you could ever imagine. We thought compression molded boards were a thing of that past, but the Byerly team nailed it with the Speedster. Unlike most compression molded boards that come with generic fins, Byerly paired this board with their higher end Future Fin style 3.5in fiberglass fin that give it plenty of response behind the boat. The Speedster is the perfect “first board” for anyone looking to get into wakesurfing. It’ll do anything you need it to, the compression molding makes it extremely durable and it doesn’t break the bank. It’s just an all around great board to always have on the boat.

2017 Byerly Speedster Wakesurf

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