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New for 2017: Water Mats You Can Pack and Take Anywhere

By October 6, 2016 April 18th, 2018 New Arrivals, The Shop
HO 2017 Inflatable Water Mats

Convenient Water Mats?

As many of you around the Lake of the Ozarks are aware, water mats might as well be the best thing since sliced bread. You can turn a water mat into a swim-up bar, sun pad, swimming platform… and the list goes on and on.

One thing that we’re not familiar with is a convenient, easily stored water mat. These foam water pads take up tons of dock and boat real estate when trying to either store it or transport it.

Well, let us blow your mind! Our friends at Ronix Wakeboards and Radar Skis as well as our Friends at HO Skis both have inflatable water mats. Yes, you heard right, they are INFLATABLE. But they’re not like your towables that are soft and flexible. These bad boys are built with drop stitch technology (i.e., thousands of threads that connect the top to the bottom while also increasing the rigidity of item so that they don’t fold or crease when inflated). They’re made just like the new inflatable paddle boards and the HO FAD boards and the RAD inflatable discs. Beyond that, when it’s time to pack up and head home, these mats can be deflated, folded up and packed away without taking up an enormous amount of space like many of the other water pads you see on the lake.

Radar Base StationRadar Base Station:

Radar makes one size and has one variation, but it comes equipped with zippers so that it easily zips/integrates with other Radar items such as the Radar Reef Lounge.

Dimensions: 5’ x 10’

Actual Color: will be yellow and silver to match their other products


HO Play PadHO Play Pad and the HO Party Pad:

The HO Play Pad and the HO Party Pad come in two sizes and two different color variations.

Size Variations are: 10’ x 5’, 15’ x 5’

Storage size:


These products will be available for 2017 and are perfect for any family looking to spend some time on the water whether you have a boat or not. Don’t wait around because I’m sure they won’t last long. We’re expecting these items to be one of the top products for 2017!


Check out the 2017 RAD Collection by HO Sports featuring the RAD discs, FAD boards, and PAD mats. With gear like this arriving now, we’re freaking amped for next season!

2017 RAD Collection by HO Sports from HO Skis on Vimeo.

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