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Relive the Glory Days with Hyperlite’s HyperPro Wakeboard

By August 24, 2016 New Arrivals, The Shop

What is a HyperPro Wakeboard? Well, it’s the greatest “old thing” since sliced bread. On a real note the HyperPro Wakeboard is an exact replica of the original Hyperlite/HO Sports HyperPro, even down to the graphics. The only difference is that your new boots will mount perfectly on the HyperPro using standard m6 hardware like today’s current boards.

Why would Hyperlite do something like this? Well, this year marks Hyperlite’s 25th anniversary and this board is just flat out fun to ride. Riding switch is a little daunting since it’s a directional board with a 3 fin setup in the back but this thing will still boot you sky high. It’s got a great soulful carve to it but you’ll also surprise yourself with the number of tricks you do while hot doggin’ around the lake.

How many are there? This remake was NOT mass produced and Hyperlite only made/reproduced around 300 and some odd boards. So, get ‘em while they’re hot because we’re sure they won’t last too long (we only have 5 of them).

Relive the glory days. Place your HyperPro Wakeboard order today!

Wake Effects is extremely grateful for Hyperlite’s partnership and support. We look forward to another awesome 25 years!

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